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Adult league supplemental rules and policies




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Anchorage Women's Hockey League (AWHL) rules


Anchorage Adult Hockey League (AAHL) at Boeke and Dempsey Anderson rinks


Subway League


Valley Adult League


  • ALL players must have a valid adult league identification card to play. With exception of goalies, all players must be listed on the league's official team roster after the registration period has ended for the session (fall, winter, summer). NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Tag-up offsides rules apply.
  • Any player assessed a game misconduct is ejected from the game. This player may not play in ANY games with ANY league teams until a two-game suspension has been served with the team from which he/she was suspended. The player's card is withheld from the player at the end of the game and turned in to the league supervisor.
  • Any player who receives three penalties in a game is ejected for the remainder of that game. That player is ejected from the current game only and his/her player card shall be returned at the end of the game unless receiving a game misconduct penalty.
  • Slapshots are not allowed in any league with exception of the Subway intermediate division and AWHL Tier I. Any shot taken with the stick above the waist is considered a high stick.
  • Games are two running clock periods of 17 minutes and a third period of 15 minutes running clock with the final two minutes of play stop-clock. In the event there is no scorekeeper, all periods are 17 minutes running clock. If five goals separate the scores of teams at the final two minutes, play shall continue as running clock.
  • With a running clock, a player whose penalty expires during a stoppage of play must wait until play resumes before returning to the ice.
  • NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THE PLAYERS' BENCH AT ANY TIME. Any team found with alcohol on the bench forfeits the game, and the team captain's player card is surrendered pending action by the league.



  • Teams must start games with a goalie in gear. Failure to do so, will be a game forfeit. The goalie must remain on the ice until the first stoppage of play. After the first stoppage, a team may have a sixth player on the ice act as "goalie."
  • All players in the NOVICE DIVISION are required to wear a full face mask. Upper division players must wear either a full face mask OR half shield visor.
  • Team jerseys must be the same basic color ie: black/navy. Assorted colors will only be accepted when both teams are wearing the same basic color as primary jersey. Numbers should be on back.
  • Rosters are open until October 15 (fall) and February 1 (winter) and then are locked. Players not on the roster after that point are not allowed to play.



  • Players are allowed to score only three goals each in the adult beginner novice east and west divisions. Additional goals will not be recorded. Should a player score a fourth goal, the following faceoff will be at neutral ice.



  • Players may score only one goal per game until all players on that team have scored.
  • Two women players must be on the ice at all times.



  • No goalie is required. Teams may place a sixth player on the ice serving as "goalie."
  • Slapshots are permitted in Tier I, but not in Tier II.
  • Players are required to wear a full face mask or half shield visor.
  • Any player in good standing with the AWHL can play in any game for any team.



  • Goalies may possess a novice, intermediate or advance player ID card regardless of the level of the game they are playing goalie in.


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